SDSM&T Change of Address Form


(If you don't know your student ID number, please enter your date of birth)

PERMANENT ADDRESS: Used for mailings when classes are not in session.

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CURRENT ADDRESS:  Used for mailings when classes are in session.  (local)

Check if current address is the same as permanent address.

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Email addresses are used to provide important information to students, such as weather related cancellation of classes, information concerning schedules, and faculty/staff communications.  You must use your Mines account.  Student email addresses look like:

Email Address:

This will be sent to Registrar and Academic Services in O'Harra 201

Registrar & Academic Services
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
501 E. Saint Joseph St.
Rapid City, SD 57701

If you have questions you can contact

Directory information includes your name, major field of study, dates of attendance, grade level, enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate; full-time or part-time), and degrees.  As such, these items may be released for any purpose at the discretion of the University. If you wish to prevent disclosure of directory information, please complete a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form.

If you want to print this form, a link to a printable form will appear on the thank you page after you press the submit button at the bottom of this page.