Application for Graduation and Commencement for MS and PhD

To ensure that your name appears in the graduation program and that you can walk across the stage with your classmates, please print or type the information requested below. Please note: your School of Mines email account is used for all University correspondence.  

Your full legal name is required.  Please enter your legal name below.  Your diploma will be sent in the name listed in your WebAdvisor account. Please contact the Registrarís office if this information needs to be updated.

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YOUR ANTICIPATED GRADUATION DATE IS:  May 2015    August 2015    December 2015

Please give us the correct address to mail your diploma:

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(The Post Office does not forward the diploma to your new address, so be sure to let us know if you moved.)  Please email your change of address to  You must email me to make this change.  A replacement diploma is $40.00.



Major Professor:

HOMETOWN where you graduated from High School:

For US students please list city and state, for international students, list country only.

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  (Please indicate home school, GED, etc. if high school is not applicable)

HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER(S) for press release regarding your graduation (please include city/state of newspaper):

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Permission to print name in the commencement program:      YES  NO

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HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR NAME ANNOUNCED? (Please provide pronunciation guidance. This includes your middle name(s) which will be read unless you indicate otherwise.)

(ie: Amiotte sounds like amy ott, Mahon sounds like man, or Smoragiewicz would be smor ga wits)